Toshiba E-Studio 232 282 Printer Copier Owners Manual

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buddika on Oct 26, 2012. e studio 282

Chapter Page Introduction .2 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 SALES GUIDE Quick Overview .4 Optional Configuration 6 Predecessor Comparison 8 Features & Benefits .10 Purchase Motivations .28 Competitor Comparisons .38 Specifications .42 1 INTRODUCTION Many firms and industries are aware of the importance of selecting efficient and secure solutions for sharing and managing information to maximise the value of their business. Achieving these and similar goals were contributing factors for implementing Toshiba’s e-BRIDGE technology into our line of multifunctional systems, and the driving force behind the development of the 2nd Generation technology.

User Manual Free Download. Operator’s Printer Manual Guide. Free Printer/Copier Manual Download PDF.

As a pioneer and technological innovator, Toshiba has developed new competitive MFP solutions that lead the way in high-quality document management and work flow performance. New sales opportunities lie in the growth of networked office environments and the demand for digital multifunctionality. There is also an increased demand for higher performance. Notable, the majority of our customers within the low to midrange markets have followed this trend and demand greater versatility, flexibility, and durability as well as the latest in connectivity, security, customisation, and lower maintenance costs, especially cost-per-copy. Following the success of its predecessors, Toshiba proudly presents the new modular mid-range e-STUDIO232/282. This well-renowned line of models now offers refreshing strengths and competitive performance from the 2nd generation eBRIDGE technology, and introduces similar or improved capabilities to those seen in higher segment models. The result is a solution that rivals and counters our closest competitors by setting new standards in functional integration and flexible architecture, noise reduction, and lowering running cost. In addition, we have also introduced other technologies that offer more satisfaction through strengthened solutions and performance benefits, increased security measures, and user-friendliness. 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 USER SEGMENTS The e-STUDIO232/282 therefore appeals to small offices with few employees as well as medium- to large-sized departmental office environments. Users will value the ease of use, flexibility and time saving benefits these advanced features will offer and the harmonious design will easily fit into almost any environment. In addition, the system provides a strong blend of extensive network-ready functionality with the necessary security features for safe sharing and storage of digital documents. The responsible sales professionals should focus on the following factors and user advantages when approaching a potential client for the e-STUDIO232/282: 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 Third pa ons rty a licati ppli app cat ba d user interface ion ifie shi s Un To copy print Analogue Machine Users Existing analogue users can gain tremendous productivity advantages by switching to a digital copier, especially because of the added memory copying, scanning and electronic sorting. For instance, these digital features allow for immediate retrieval of the originals whilst the job is being completed. This not only means a saving in time and an improvement in productivity, but also a reduction in power consumption. It is also important to point out that the integrated multifunctionality of the eSTUDIO232/282 will play a vital role for analogue users seeking a flexible and durable system by offering higher usability and network connectivity. Digital Machine Users Existing digital users are aware of the cost benefit of digital MFP systems, but often the wish to take advantage of more convenient functions means acquiring expensive parts and controllers. Here it is important to emphasise that the eSTUDIO232/282 can expand and be integrated under various business environments by taking advantage of the copy-printerscan-network capabilities. First / Additional Purchasers The majority of these customers are mainly found within big company departments, but also smaller environments such as home offices (SOHOs), start up companies and aspiring entrepreneurs that all stand to benefit from our all-in-one office solutions. Again, it is essential to point out that integration and management in the clients network is abreeze for one or many e-studio devices supplementing a centralised machine and reducing “bottlenecks ” with a more flexible solution. As a result, many of the running-costs and Total-Cost-of-Ownership (TCO) related to productivity and daily operations can be reduced or even eliminated. The ability to adapt with changing business environments via the integrated network solutions are qualities that should be explained to your customer. After reading this sales guide, the professional sales person will understand the strong merits of the e-STUDIO232/282 and how they relate to and are of benefit to the above mentioned user segments. scan e-BRIDGE controller internet fax fax Allin-one ure Architect network.

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