Toshiba E-Studio 161 Printer Copier Owners Manual

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Akhtar on Oct 01, 2016. good

goood and nice manual of toshiba estudio 161 help

Do not make copies of anything which is prohibited from copying by law. The following items are normally prohibited from copying by national law. Other items may be prohibited by local law. Money Checks Stamps Passports Bonds Stocks Bank drafts Driver’s licenses In some areas, the “POWER ” switch positions are marked “I ” and ” ” on the copier instead of “ON ” and “OFF “. If your copier is so marked, please read “I ” for “ON ” and ” ” for “OFF “. Caution! For a complete electrical disconnection, pull out the main plug.

User Manual Free Download. Operator’s Printer Manual Guide. Free Printer/Copier Manual Download PDF.

The socket-outlet shall be installed near the equipment and shall be easily accessible. Warning This is a Class A product. In a domestic environment this product may cause radio interference in which case the user may be required to take adequate measures. This equipment complies with the requirements of Directives 89/336/EEC and 73/23/EEC as amended by 93/68/EEC. Dieses Gerät entspricht den Anforderungen der EG-Richtlinien 89/336/EWG und 73/23/EWG mit Änderung 93/68/EWG. Ce matériel répond aux exigences contenues dans les directives 89/336/CEE et 73/23/CEE modifiées par la directive 93/68/CEE. Dit apparaat voldoet aan de eisen van de richtlijnen 89/336/EEG en 73/23/EEG, gewijzigd door 93/68/EEG. Dette udstyr overholder kravene i direktiv nr. 89/336/EEC og 73/23/EEC med tillæg nr. 93/68/EEC. Quest’ apparecchio è conforme ai requisiti delle direttive 89/336/EEC e 73/23/EEC, come emendata dalla direttiva 93/68/EEC. Este equipamento obedece às exigências das directivas 89/336/CEE e 73/23/CEE, na sua versão corrigida pela directiva 93/68/CEE. Este aparato satisface las exigencias de las Directivas 89/336/CEE y 73/23/CEE, modificadas por medio de la 93/68/CEE. Denna utrustning uppfyller kraven enligt riktlinjerna 89/336/EEC och 73/23/EEC så som kompletteras av 93/68/EEC. Dette produktet oppfyller betingelsene i derektivene 89/336/EEC og 73/23/EEC i endringen 93/68/EEC. Tämä laite täyttää direktiivien 89/336/EEC ja 73/23/EEC vaatimukset, joita on muutettu direktiivillä 93/68/EEC. The CE mark logo label is affixed on an equipment in case that the directives described in the above sentence are applicable to the product. (This sentence is not applicable in any country where the above directives are not required.)

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One thought on “Toshiba E-Studio 161 Printer Copier Owners Manual

  1. before seven years i was buy toshiba e-studio 161. Today I can’t work, i need help like manual guides, becouse toshiba service in beograd, serbia have not any parts for this macshine..I would to see details, parts, shemas and other, and try service for myself if possible..

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