Brother MFC-240C Color Inkjet All-in-One Printer with Fax Users Guide

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Brother Laser Printers user’s guide for models MFC-240C. Free PDF Service and Owner’s Manual Download.
Toner cartridge for Brother Printer: LC51BK (Prints approx. 500 pages) LC51Y (Prints approx. 400 pages) LC51C (Prints approx. 400 pages) LC51M (Prints approx. 400 pages) BP61GLL BP61GLP BP60ML BP60PL and LG3077001. LP3215001 (English for USA and Canada) LP3215002 (French For Canada)
PC- and Mac-compatible unit saves space and boosts productivity. Multifunction unit prints, copies, scans, and faxes.


Table of Contents

Section I General

1 General Information

Using the documentation. 2
Symbols and conventions used in the documentation. 2
Accessing the Software User’s Guide. 3
Viewing Documentation. 3
Accessing Brother Support (For Windows®). 5
Control panel overview. 6

2 Loading documents and paper

Loading documents. 8
Using the ADF. 8
Using the scanner glass. 9
Scanning area. 10
Acceptable paper and other media. 10
Recommended media. 11
Handling and using media. 11
Choosing the right media. 12
Loading paper, envelopes and other media. 14
Loading paper and other media. 14
Loading envelopes and post cards. 15
Printable Area. 17

3 General setup

On/Off key. 18
Turning the machine off. 18
Turning the machine on. 18
On/Off setting. 18
Mode Timer. 18
Paper settings. 19
Paper Type. 19
Paper Size. 19
Volume Settings. 19
Ring Volume. 19
Beeper Volume. 19
Speaker Volume. 20
Automatic Daylight Savings Time. 20
LCD display. 20
LCD Contrast. 20

4 Security features

TX Lock. 21
Setting and changing the TX lock password. 21
Turning the TX Lock on/off. 22

Section II Fax

5 Sending a fax

Entering Fax mode. 24
Faxing from the ADF. 24
Faxing from the scanner glass. 24
Faxing A4 size documents from the scanner glass. 25
Color fax transmission. 25
Canceling a fax in progress. 25
Broadcasting (Black & White only). 25
Canceling a Broadcast in progress. 26
Additional sending operations. 26
Sending faxes using multiple settings. 26
Contrast. 26
Changing fax resolution. 27
Dual access (Black & White only). 28
Real time transmission. 28
Overseas Mode. 28
Checking and canceling waiting jobs. 29
Sending a fax manually. 29
Sending a fax at the end of a conversation. 29
Out of Memory message. 29

6 Receiving a Fax

Receive modes. 30
Choosing the Receive Mode. 30
Using receive modes. 31
Fax only. 31
Fax/Tel. 31
Manual. 31
External TAD. 31
Receive mode settings. 31
Ring Delay. 31
F/T Ring Time (Fax/Tel mode only). 32
Easy Receive. 32
Additional receiving operations. 33
Printing a reduced incoming fax. 33
Receiving a fax at the end of a conversation. 33

7 Telephone Services and External devices

Voice Operations. 34
Tone or pulse (For Canada only). 34
Fax/Tel mode when the power key is on. 34
Fax/Tel mode when the power key is off. 34
Telephone services. 35
Distinctive Ring. 35
Caller ID. 37
Connecting an external TAD (telephone answering device). 38
Connections. 38
Recording an outgoing message (OGM) on an external TAD. 39
Special line considerations. 39
Multi-line connections (PBX). 41
External and extension phones. 41
Connecting an external or extension telephone. 41
Using external and extension telephones. 41
Using a cordless external telephone. 42
Using remote codes. 42

8 Dialing and storing numbers

How to Dial. 43
Manual dialing. 43
Speed-Dialing. 43
Search. 43
Fax Redial. 44
Storing numbers. 44
Storing a pause. 44
Storing Speed-Dial numbers. 44
Changing Speed-Dial numbers. 45
Setting up groups for broadcasting. 45
Dialing access codes and credit card numbers. 46

9 Printing Reports

Fax reports. 47
Transmission Verification Report. 47
Fax Journal (activity report). 47
Reports. 48
How to print a report. 48

Section III Copy

10 Making copies

How to copy. 50
Entering Copy mode. 50
Making a single copy. 50
Making multiple copies. 50
Stop copying. 50
Copy options. 51
Changing copy quality. 52
Enlarging or reducing the image copied. 52
Making N in 1 copies or a poster. 53
Sorting copies using the ADF (Black & White only). 54
Adjusting Brightness, Contrast and Color. 55
Paper options. 56

Wikipedia’s page for Brother Industries


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